High Quality Virgin Rubber Substitute for Tire and Polymer Industries that saves money, ecology and makes the tire more durable. We are a certified Type A industry for Crumb Rubber Manufacturing in India

Our primary objective is to produce significant volumes of high quality rubber crumb and powder. We believe that our plant in offers one of the finest quality rubber powder Tamil Nadu.

In a large number of tyre retreading units the fine rubber waste & powder is simply a by-product of the shredding process and is therefore of variable quality.

Our mission is to help increase profit margins at rubber and plastic manufacturing companies. We do this by substituting our high quality recycled rubber powder for a percentage of the virgin material content. Not only does this help boost profitability but in many cases our products also help to improve the mechanical performance and aesthetic qualities of the product. Customers can also support their sustainability objectives by using our products as they are derived from end of life vehicle tyres.



Our regular in-stock products are:

  • 20 mesh
  • 30 mesh
  • 40 mesh

Other grades can be produced in informed in advance.



We procure raw material from reputed tyre re-treading units like Annamalai Tyre Re-treading Company (ATRC), ARC Re-treading Company and MRF Retreading Franchises to ensure unadultreated imput material.

Further our dust removers and metal filters ensure that the final product is free from contaminants that would potentialy be damaging to the Tyre making machinery.

Major Clients

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