Cold Drawing of special Steel Alloy Wires resulting in better tensile strength while retaining the metalurgical properties of Special Steel Alloy. We do 2.4mm to 4.7mm Cold Drawn Wire for Welding Electrode Industry.

Wire Drawing is a recent addition to our product line. We specalize in wire drawing from special alloys for the electrode industry

We have a fully automated wire drawing unit that enables us to maintain uniform quality and very high tollerance levels that are demanded by the electrode manufacturers. Use of Automation and cutting edge technologies have enabled us to be cost competitive while at the same time maintaining high levels of standards.



For our standard stock product we procure raw material of MS wire - Grade IS 2879 (1998), which is a mildsteel alloy for welding electrodes.
Our standard stock products are welding electrode grade cold drawn wires in sizes ranging from Ø 2.4mm to Ø 4.7mm.
We also supply larger size commercial grade wire rods according to the customer requirement.